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This has to do with the restart. When I click on start, turn off computer, and then restart, nothing happens! I will wait at least 5 minutes to see if it'll start shutting down. Still nothing. So I hit the reset button on the cpu. Should I be concerned about this? This is like the second time its done it. What can I do? Help!!!!

I just hope my computer don't die on me.

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Jun. 5th, 2010 04:21 pm
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My UPS system is acting up again. So if anything happens like I can't get on my computer this week that's why. Right now the little green light is blinking.  I'm going to have to try to reset it.  Might brave the heat tomorrow to buy two UPS systems for the computers.
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My computer has been acting strange this afternoon.  I left it for a little while to take a bath and when I come back, it had shut itself off and the ups was shrilling.  I have no idea what caused this to happen. But if I have to turn my computer off completely that means I can't get online on mom's since my computer is the main one. *sighs*  Sorry for the rant!  I'm backing up my recent stuff now using a flash drive.  I might have to break down and buy a whole new ups system, since the green light is blinking.  I'm trying not to stay online for long.  I'm here, just trying to save stuff on computer!

Hope everyone is doing well?
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I got my question solved this afternoon when I got home! They actually had to offer Quickclean seperately? It usually came with the program, but at least it was free.
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My Mcafee updated this afternoon and changed its whole look! I am so confused.  I had no idea that they were going to do this. And now I can't find QuickClean.  Why did they have to change? *Sighs*

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Apr. 6th, 2010 07:22 pm
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It was hot today! Got up to 91 degrees here.  I hope we get some rain soon. This weather is not normal for April!

Also when I got home, my computer made this weird noise, like it was going to give out on me.  It sounded like the cooling fan.  Its doing ok so far, it just made the noise when I turned it on.  I'm thinking of getting an external harddrive to store all my stuff.  Any reccomendations? 
That way I'll be sure to have everything, just in case something happens.

How's everyone else's day been?
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I had internet connection problems when I got home this afternoon. I was able to get online this morning fine. But this afternoon was a total different story! It took about two hours before I finally got to go online. I really wish they would update while I'm sleeping and not in the afternoon!
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It was getting kind of frustrating when I couldn't update mcafee on my pc and yet it worked on mom's.  The only thing I did differently on hers was that I uninstalled the old mcafee manually and the latest program worked fine.  I had to reinstall the old mcafee, uninstall it manually and then update to the 2010.  It worked fine! Whew!  I just have to remember to remove the old programs manually first.  Has anyone else had the same problem?

Snow update:  Its suppose to come in after midnight.  Starts out as rain, but turn into snow!
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My optical mouse is about to die on me I think. The light wants to flicker and there's a short in the wire somewhere. So what's a good mouse to get? Right now I'm using the microsoft mouse optical blue usb.
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I need your help flist on usb sticks! I was wondering if I could use a different stick on my pc or do I have to use the same kind? I had bought a scandisk 8gb today and tried it on mine, but it wouldn't work. But yet it worked on my mom's pc.  The first one that I bought is a pny 4 gb stick. I was wondering if anyone could help me out on this? Thanks!
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I think my computer is giving me problems again. Whenever I start it up it sounds like its running in a race! I can't describe the sound, but it doesn't sound too good.  It does quit once it brings everything up. I did save my stuff on the usb stick last night. Filled it up and I still got more to save. Planning to buy another one, but this time I'm going to get an 8 gb usb stick. If they're on sale.

I know I'll be busy this weekend! Going to try to clean the house some. And rest. 

Hope everyone have a great weekend!

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