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Have a doctor's appt tom.  Regular checkup.  I'm trying to get my blood pressure down and nothing's working so far.  Any ideas?
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The doctor gave me some new medicine to try out for my sinuses. Has anyone tried Nasonex before? I tried it this afternoon, I was so stopped up.  Also she said to try zyrtec as well. I took a whole one last night and it made me so sleepy. I'm still sleepy this afternoon.  I was wondering if it would be ok to take a half of a pill and not be so sleepy?
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Went to the thyroid doctor this afternoon.  I was hoping to be seen on time, but that wasn't the case.  My appt was at 4 pm. I was called back 4:15 and then she saw me at 4:35.  She checked my thyroid and said it felt ok.  I guess that's good?  And did blood work.  But I won't find out the results till next week sometime.  The mail usually runs pretty slow around here somedays.

And I woke up with another headache and was all stuffy this morning.  Feeling slightly better.  People I work with was saying that it could be the front that's coming our way.  I just hope we get some rain from it to wash the pollen away!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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I'm ok!!! The doctor told me there was nothing to worry about. It was just cysts. I was happy! I'll have to go back in two years for another mammogram.
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Finally got in touch with them only to find out they need additional pictures? I was like how much more do they need? I go back the 24th at 9 am. They wanted me to come in tomorrow at 9 but that would put me short notice of informing my main boss. And they didn't have an 8 am appt. They were all booked up. *sighs* I hope everything is ok! Someone please cheer me up with a prompt idea?
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Well I went to the doctor around lunch time today and she proscribed me z-pak.  I had a terrible time sleeping last night. Coughing kept me up so I'm hoping to take a nap sometime this afternoon.  Its cold and raining hard outside.

Hope everyone had a good weekend?

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