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*squees* I didn't know they were going to do another Doctor Who Christmas Special! Check it out!

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Doctor Who is back! It starts up tomorrow on bbcamerica! Now this one I can actually download the episodes from itunes. *is excited*

And scifi has done it again.  They just love to move shows around! Starting in May, May 2 to be exact, Sanctuary is going to be on mondays at 10 pm. I'll just have to remember that they're not showing Sanctuary on friday's that month.
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I was wondering if anyone could do an icon of Lord Rassilon? Please! Thanks!
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Does anyone on the flist have any clue about the Time War? I was hoping they would do flashbacks in the End of Time special. 


Feb. 4th, 2010 04:44 pm
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I can't believe its the weekend again already!!!! Got lots to do tonight and tomorrow night. I'm really behind on my cleaning.  Going to tape the tv shows and watch them later. Also woke up not feeling too great this morning. Sinus problems again.
  Have watched Doctor Who End of Time pt 1 and a little bit of pt 2.  I really wish they would do a Time War special. That would be neat, plus it would explain a lot what's going on!
  And on the weather, saturday they are calling for rain/snow showers/wind and next wed. too! So I might get snowed in again!

 Hope everyone have a great weekend!
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Don't forget the new Doctor Who Special comes out saturday night!  I wish I can get bbc channel so I can watch it. *sighs*

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