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The heat index reached up to 110 in someplaces here.  I think we got up to 102 degrees this afternoon. And tomorrow is going to be even worse!  I have been trying to drink plenty of water.  Plus I went to bed early last night, around 7:30 pm. I could not hold my eyes open any longer. I didn't take anything to help me sleep either! Its this humidity.

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Its going to be another hot and humid weekend here. Highs in the 90s and the humidity in the 100s. So I'll be staying in as much as possible and working on the Lucius stories.

The doctor put me on zythromycin again for sinuses.  I'm feeling better this morning.

Hope everyone is having a good day?


Jun. 4th, 2010 06:08 pm
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Yay for weekend!!! Going to try to stay cool. Its hot and humid here. The humidity wants to take my breath away. Its that bad here. I've got the a/c going full blast this afternoon. 

I'm hoping to finish watching Alice in Wonderland, watch Merlin and SGU tonight and work on stories this weekend. It'll be too hot to do anything else!

How's everyone else's weather?
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That I would have to forget something! I left a lunchbox and two bottle waters at the house this morning.  *shakes head* Still can't believe that I did that! I didn't realize that I forgot it until we were almost at Bojangles.  Luckily they had bottled water there and I got something their from lunch. 

I woke up not feeling too great. I guess that's one of the reasons I had forgot and plus rushing to get things done this morning.  Feels like the humidity just drains me into not thinking straight!

Hope everyone had a better day today?
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Have you guys noticed that the potato chips are in smaller amounts than the bag? Just noticed that today. I think its ridiculous!

Yes, I'm bored. *sighs* This humid weather makes me feel drained and tired.  And its not letting up. We're going to have a bad thunderstorm later on this afternoon.  Trying to get as much online time in now.

Hope everyone's day is going good?
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I'm having problems logging in and bringing up my website the past couple of days. Is anyone else having the same problems?

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day holiday!  Its also hot and humid here.  Been fighting a sick headache for the past two days now. It would ease up and then come back.
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I'm not feeling too great right now. Got over heated. It reached 97 degrees here today and it was humid.  I took a cold bath and an advil for my headache.  I'm hoping it would go away soon.  Plus I'm drinking plenty of water!  I'm just not ready for the humid weather.

Hope everyone is doing well?


Apr. 28th, 2010 07:44 am
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Its going to be a hot one here this weekend! When I checked the forecast its going to be in the 90s! As long as the humidity is not kicking in, I'll be fine.

How's everyone else's weather?
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I checked the weather for the rest of the week and for two days its going to be in the 90s? Yikes! I'm not ready for this type of weather yet!  And no rain in sight to wash all this pollen away.  I felt bad all day today and I'm dreading wed. since the pollen count is going to be very high.

Hope everyone had a good weekend?
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What happened to spring? Seems the humidity got here early.  And the parents don't want to turn on the a/c yet.  So I have both fans blowing air, hot air it seems and the house is registering 74 degrees.  Which is entirely too warm for me.  I'm going to have to invest in a window unit just for my room.   Sorry about the rant. But I think its getting too hot too quickly!

And has anyone bought the sherlock holmes dvd in regular format or blue ray? I'm curious because when I bought mine, there were no deleted scenes included.  Which kind of ticked me off!  I know that at least two scenes were left out from the movie that I remember from seeing in the trailer.  You would think they would have included them.  *sighs*

And I saw Clash of the Titans this morning! It was great!

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