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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Hope you had a good day today?

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Happy 4th of July everyone! I think it got here a bit too quickly for me. But I do like having a 4 day weekend away from co-workers.

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I hope everyone have a Happy New Year! I'm going to try my best to stay up till midnight.
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Happy Veteran's Day everyone!

Most of my family and cousins has served in all 4 branches of the military.

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Happy early 4th of July everyone! I was hoping Jimmy Smits would host this years Capitol Fourth celebration on PBS. But they have someone else doing the job this year. It won't be the same.

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! Thank you's for the v-gift glass hearts: Willowfaerie2, Rivertempest, ValkyrieKat_47 and Knowmefirst.

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Happy 4th of July everyone! I'm staying in tonight. There's too much smoke to be venturing out to watch the fireworks here. So I'll be watching them on tv!

Hope everyone have a good day?
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Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

I can't believe how this weekend has flown by.

Hope everyone had a good weekend?

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Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all gets lots of chocolate.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Don't forget to wear green!

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Happy early Valentine's Day everyone! I wanted to post this early since I have an early doctor's appt in the morning. And I'll be busy the rest of the day.  And I saw Gnomeo and Juliet this afternoon. It was good and funny! I would recommend seeing this one.

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I know I'm putting this up a bit early. Tomorrow morning is going to be busy for me. Plus its my birthday!!!! Am I allowed to say 39 and holding? Lol! I'm feeling much better today. Coughing less and have one more day of medicine to take.

Plus we're going to have 70 degree weather here tomorrow. Weird! Wish it was snowing here. But we might get some type of wintry precip friday.

Hope everyone's day was ok?

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   And maybe we'll get to see some snow this weekend! I have given up on the forecasters predictions on how much snow we're going to get.  They all say something different for us.  I know if we get a whole lot of snow, there's no way we'll be able to get out of the drive way!  And I promise that I will take pictures! Since this could be the biggest snow event for us in a long time.

And if there's any chance we could loose power, I might not be on sunday or monday.  Depends how bad the system gets here.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Just saw Tangled tonight and it was good!  And I didn't get a headache this time from watching it in 3D.

Hope everyone had a good day?
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Happy 4th of July!!!

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I'm having problems logging in and bringing up my website the past couple of days. Is anyone else having the same problems?

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day holiday!  Its also hot and humid here.  Been fighting a sick headache for the past two days now. It would ease up and then come back.

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