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ABCfamily is doing a harry potter marathon all weekend! Been watching it some.  Today they are showing POA, GoF and OOTP.  With scenes from DH.  I'm really looking forward to seeing part one of DH!  And they have been advertising a video game for it as well.

I'm feeling a bit better.  Less congested, but still coughing a lot.  And I'm trying to get some rest! 

Hope everyone's day is doing good?
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I have been rewatching the movies this weekend. Trying to jump start my muse.  They're showing GOF right now and tonight OOTP!
The weather here is windy and our cable has been going on and off. So I'm trying to get some online time in for a little while.  We're suppose to have thunderstorms later on tonight. Just don't know how bad they are going to be.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend?


Jan. 10th, 2010 06:04 am
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My weekend was ok. Just  really cold and no snow! Found out we didn't have enough moisture for it it to snow. *sighs*
And abcfamily had shown POA last night and GOF tonight!!!!

Chuck comes on tonight with a two hour episode. Then its chuck at 8 and Heroes at 9 tomorrow!

Has anyone seen the movie Daybreakers? I was wondering how it was?

How was everyone's weekend so far?

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