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I had Internet issues this morning. Couldn't bring up a website on pc. Had to reset router. I just hope it works this afternoon.
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The bad wreck we had on our road last night took out our home Internet/cable. They're working on it this morning. I'm on my iPhone.

Hope everyone have a good day today.
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My internet connection is being a pain tonight. So slow!
I might just have to try tomorrow morning. Maybe they are updating. I have reset my router three times. I'm just so frustrated! *sighs*
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My internet connection today is driving me crazy! I think its my old router again.  Everything wants to act slow and I just want to throw this router out the window!  Its been one of those days today.

Hope everyone is having a good day?
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I had internet issues when I got home this afternoon. Could not get on and even tried mom's computer. It was slow but I was able to get on to google website and that was it. So I reset everything which was a pain and now everything is ok. I think it was their end, I hope and not mine!

Has anyone had OSHA training before? We are having that at work friday morning at 8 am.  Yes I've got to be their at 8! Its mandatory. *sighs*

Also had a headache all day. I think it must be tension or the weather. I haven't been feeling too great today.

How's everyone else doing?

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