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I'm ok!!! The doctor told me there was nothing to worry about. It was just cysts. I was happy! I'll have to go back in two years for another mammogram.
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I received the letter from eastern radiologist yesterday in the mail. They want to take more pictures of my left breast. I hope its nothing serious. I am kind of worried a bit.

Been trying to clean house preparing for family that's coming thursday. Anyone getting up early friday morning to catch the sales? I used to do it when I was younger, but now I like to sleep in a bit later!
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Finally got in touch with them only to find out they need additional pictures? I was like how much more do they need? I go back the 24th at 9 am. They wanted me to come in tomorrow at 9 but that would put me short notice of informing my main boss. And they didn't have an 8 am appt. They were all booked up. *sighs* I hope everything is ok! Someone please cheer me up with a prompt idea?

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