Jun. 5th, 2012 07:07 pm
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I can't believe syfy cancelled this show! No more John Druitt or Nikola Tesla *sniffs*. I was hoping for a season 5. Here's the related article:

What was syfy thinking?
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*squees* Merlin season 4 starts up Friday!!! Can't wait to see this one.

And did anyone see the season finale to Sanctuary? I'm just wondering if they are going to continue this show.


Oct. 6th, 2011 08:44 pm
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I'm so excited! A new season of Sanctuary starts up tomorrow night! *squees* Scifi is airing the show at its normal time: 10:00 pm.
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Doctor Who is back! It starts up tomorrow on bbcamerica! Now this one I can actually download the episodes from itunes. *is excited*

And scifi has done it again.  They just love to move shows around! Starting in May, May 2 to be exact, Sanctuary is going to be on mondays at 10 pm. I'll just have to remember that they're not showing Sanctuary on friday's that month.
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So glad its Friday!!! And new Sanctuary episodes starts up tonight at 10.  I love watching this show. Course I'll probably tape it and watch it later this weekend. Got some cleaning to do.

And why does scifi have to show wrestling?

Hope everyone have a great weekend!

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Yay!  I'm so glad its friday!  Woke up with a sore throat this morning. And I'm hoping I'm not getting sick again. 

And for those watching Sanctuary, it has a two hour season finale tonight!

Hope everyone will have a good weekend?
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How many of you have watched the new Stargate series? What did you all think of it?

And Sanctuary season 2 starts up tonight!!!! I vaguely remember what happened at the end of season one. It was like a cliffhanger not knowing what's going to happen until the next episode.

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