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We are getting severe weather tonight. Gusty winds 35 mph +. Thunder and rain plus isolated tornados.
I hope it won't be too bad.

Hope everyone is doing ok?
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We're having severe weather later on. Right now the sun is out and very warm.
Plus, possible tornados. All from the cold front coming through today.
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We're going to have another round of severe thunderstorms tonight. Starting at 5pm.
I just hope things don't get to rough.

Hope everyone is doing ok?
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We've got severe thunderstorms going on. I've got everything turned off. Using iPhone. So far we stil have power.

Update: I'm ok. We just had really loud thunder, lightening and heavy downpours. We're under a watch until 10 pm tonight.

Hope everyone is doing ok?
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We're under a severe thunderstorm watch until 10 pm tonight. We really need the rain. But not the heavy wind or hail that comes along with it.

And my pc and both iPhone and iPad are ok! I'm thankful that the malware didn't affect them.

Hope everyone is doing ok?
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We're having severe thunderstorms. I went to see Madagascar 3 this afternoon with my cousins and the storm knocked power out three times. We got a free movie ticket. I got home safely but it's still lightening and thundering here.
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We've got severe storms heading our way. 60mph winds, hail and possible tornado.


May. 9th, 2012 05:05 pm
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We've got severe storms heading our way for tonight. I hope they die down before they reach us. We're suppose to be having heavy rain and wind, possible hail.
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We are supposed to be getting bad weather later tonight. So I don't know if I'll be online. It depends. Since the weatherman is saying strong or severe storms may occur since its going to be 88 degrees outside this afternoon! Too warm for oct!

update: System has stalled. It won't get here till after midnight and they are saying potential tornado's since its so muggy here. Still 80 degrees.

Hope everyone is having a good day?
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We've got a tropical storm heading our way.  And it hasn't changed paths either at lunchtime today. Its name is Colin.  So I'm going to get prepared today.  Also going to try to work on the stories just in case things get bad next week.  I'll find out more on the weekend about the storm.

update:  storm has fallen apart!
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We are suppose to be having severe weather sometime tonight or tomorrow.  Watched the weather channel before lunch today and they had us in the red with possible isolated tornadoes.

And I bought Merlin season one!!!! They had like two copies at Best Buy and tons of copies of Avatar.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend?
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We're going to get severe weather after midnight.  That just wants me to stay up through the storms, because they're saying the winds are going to be bad, possibly damaging.  Might take a nap and watch tv later on.

How is everyone else's weather?
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I just got home from watching the movie Avatar! Yes I finally saw it!

The weather here is bad. Its pouring down rain and now I find out we are under a tornado watch till 3 am. That makes me not want to sleep! But we are suppose to get snow flurries tomorrow night. No accumulation though.

Hope everyone's day was good?

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Now they are saying by this weekend we could have another major ice storm! I hope not. I hope it is just rain! I rather have more snow than ice. With ice you never know what to expect!

I did go into work today. Went a little bit later than usual. Had a time cranking the car up. But after 10 mins it finally cranked up! I didn't think we would have gotten out of the driveway, but somehow we managed! I think my mom wanted to get out of the house more than I did!

How was everyone else's day?

So tired!

Jan. 25th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Probably go to bed early tonight. The weather here was pretty rough last night and this morning. The wind had picked up a lot over the night and we had lots and lots of rain.  Now we are under a flood watch through saturday.  We didn't get any damage from this storm thank goodness! But I did found out that Feb. is going to be a lot colder.

How was everyone else's day?


Jan. 24th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Looks like we are going to have thunderstorms sometime tonight. Its certainly windy and warm outside. 65 degrees! Couldn't believe it myself. 

Didn't do to much today, just rest and trying to catch up on sleep. Might try to go to bed early. I did not drink any sodas or eaten any chocolate this afternoon!  Has anyone got any ideas on relaxation? I think that's my problem. I'm keyed up at night and can't seem to go to sleep on time!

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We're getting some bad storms tomorrow night the weatherman said at lunchtime today. I hope it won't start raining till after I get home! Hate driving when its pouring down rain. Still no signs of snow even though its turned cold again.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving weekend?
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We're under a flash flood watch from what's left of hurricane ida.  Suppose to get up to 7 inches of rain altogether tonight and tomorrow. The rain has already caused some power outages here. Trying to get my online time in before that happens here!  Got my SBB fic finished and working on drabbles trying to get them finished before falling asleep!  
 I'm so tired. I guess its the weather.  I just hope it won't be too bad tomorrow morning for me to go into work. 

Hope everyone is doing ok?

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