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*Squees!!!* I got my copy of the new Star Trek movie this afternoon!!!! And yes I got the deleted scenes one. Got my copy at Target. I figured about the time I get off of work which is 4pm they might be gone at best buy.

Mammogram didn't take too long. But I was sore! I just hope everything is ok.
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Here's the list of episodes that's from the fan collective alternate realities dvd:

 Star Trek TOS:  Mirror, Mirror episode #039
 Star Trek DS9:  Crossover, Through The Looking Glass, and Shattered Mirror: episodes #443,466 and 492
 Star Trek Enterprise: In a Mirror Darkly Parts 1 & 2: episodes #094 and 095
 Star Trek TOS: The Alternative Factor: episode #020
 Star Trek NG: Parallels: episode#263

Star Trek TOS: The Enemy Within and Turnabout Intruder: Episodes #005 and 079
Star Trek NG: Frame of Mind: episode #247
Star Trek Voyager: Shattered: episode #257

Star Trek NG: Yesterday's Enterprise and The Inner Light : Episode #163 and #225
Star Trek DS9: The Visitor: Episode #476
Star Trek Voyager: Before and After: Episode #063

Star Trek Voyager: Timeless and Course:Oblivion: episodes #201 and 213
Star Trek Enterprise: E squared and Twilight: episodes #073 and 060
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Have you ever woke up feeling kind of depressed in the morning? That's how I was this morning. It seemed like with everything going on in my family health problem wise and all the paper work piling up on me at work I just feel stressed. Someone help cheer me up please!

I did found something that kind of put a smile on my face after lunch today. Its a star trek clipping of the next generation crew of Picard and Troi. I thought it was funny. Picture is under the lj cut.  Just have to click on the pic to make it bigger.

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I had heard rumors of Star Trek Xi. Now I think its actually going to happen! Here's the article.

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