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Feeling kind of stressed out now. You would think I would be relaxed after taking two days off. Maybe I should have taken more days off. *sighs* Because right now I feel stressed and have a slight headache.

Hope everyone had a good day?
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I'm feeling kind of frustrated right now.  I had planned to clean some of the rooms today when I got home from work. I thought the house would be nice and cool.  Not warm! And I really don't feel too well. Started to get a headache after lunch today.  Might take a bath and listen to some music to try to relax me. I feel so tense right now.  A nice massage would be good! 

Hope everyone's day was good?

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Work is getting to me! Paperwork just keeps piling up. And I know I'll be seeing lots of paper being sorted when I sleep tonight. *sighs* I was hoping that we would be caught up today. Oh well. At least I got the weekend to rest. Someone please cheer me up with anything!
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I do feel better today. Managed to get some sleep last night! But work was crazy today! I'm almost caught up on all the old medical records.  All those names and numbers have the tendency to blend together sometimes.  I'll be glad when we get caught up on this so I can file some charts back.  I haven't had time to do that the past two weeks. *sighs* No wonder I feel so stressed out sometimes.

How was everyone else's day?

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