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We're going to be getting Tropical Storm Chantal sometime next week. Either Sunday or Monday. And we're already under a flood watch. We don't need anymore rain!

Hope everyone is doing ok?
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Everyone who lives in south Florida, Alabama and Georgia please stay safe! I just saw the projected path on
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It seems that tropical storm Lee is going to miss us! Its going to hit the western part of NC.

And Katia has been downgraded to a tropical storm as well. I was watching the weather report this morning and its going to skirt our coast sometime Friday. Let's just hope it dies out or keep going straight!

A lot of people are still trying to clean up their yards, and fixing their roofs.
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Will we get this tropical storm? I saw the news at lunchtime today and it looks like we might get it either sunday night or monday. I guess it depends on if it picks up speed and wind strength. So far its only a tropical storm. I will be keeping an eye on this.
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Our first tropical storm this year. And I hope it doesn't come our way any time soon.  

update: It looks like its heading towards Belize and Southern Yucatan.

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