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*Squees* Once Upon A Time season one comes out on dvd the 28th! I know I'll probably buy this when it comes out. Looking forward to season 2.
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Has anyone heard if Awake season one is coming out on dvd?
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There's so many dvd's that's coming out that I want to get. *sighs* I have to start saving up for them or either ask family members to get them as presents this year.

     My list:
                Transformers 2:  10/20/2009
                 Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure
                 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:  12/09/2009
                G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra:  11/3/2009
                G.I. Joe Resolute: 11/3/2009
                G.I. Joe season 1.2
                Star Wars Clone Wars Season One
                The Tudors Season 3 
     edit:  Star Trek 2009:  Comes out in nov!
                Robin Hood Season 3: 1/2010

I think that's about it so far. I'm sure there'll be others to add on to the list.
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There's two dvd's that's coming out next tues that I want to get.  Wolverine and Sanctuary season one. I was thinking why did they have to come out on the same day? *sighs*  I know I want to get Transformers 2 when it comes out.  And Star Trek! Definately HBP whenever they release the date for it.  And Robin Hood bbc season 3.  That's about it for me this year for dvd's. I'm trying to cut back!

Weekend is coming up and I've got so much to do! It seemed like I just cleaned and now everything is messy again. I hate that! Got to redo everything, dust and vaccuum.  Plus finish hermione smut story and the other stories that I'm working on.  Which reminds me, could someone please send something Lucius or Severus inspiring my way!!! Please! I would grately appreciate it!

Sinuses were aggraviting today. Woke up with a headache this morning.  I'm feeling fine now. But still a bit tired.

Hope everyone have a good weekend!!!

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